I Need Help

road-1226873_1280             We know the challenges of asking for help                


Blackwood River Clinic is committed to the safety of everyone on site and to providing realistic and appropriate care.

If you are currently in crisis please contact your closest Emergency Department. Telephone support is also available at Lifeline (13 11 14), Samaritans (135 247).

The Mental Health Emergency Response Line also has coverage for metropolitan and regional areas (from Two Rocks in the northern metropolitan area to Waroona in the south) Metro (1300 555 788) Peel (1800 676 822).


It isn’t easy making a decision to ask for help whether it is for yourself or for someone else. It can feel isolating. It is scary. Sometimes you can feel like things are holding together by a thread.

Asking for help isn’t as easy as it sounds. We know it comes after a long and tiring journey. It is emotional. It is accompanied by anxiety and depression. It is highlighted by sleepless nights and days of worry.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you. Our Asking for Help form may be for you or for a loved one. Tell us a bit about yourself or your loved one, what your current issues are and what information you are looking for.

We try to make asking for help as easy as possible. You can start your journey to wellness and recovery as soon as possible.

You have so many questions and concerns. And you have very few answers.

It can be difficult repeating your story over and over to different agencies and professionals. It is difficult to deal with services that will only deal with one part of the issue.

Our experience tells us that very often that people with mental health issues also have substance issues. They are affected by these. Their families and supporters are affected.

Blackwood River Clinic recognises the need to be both holistic and inclusive.

Nestled on a hillside Blackwood River Clinic offers superb vistas of the hills, valleys and water bodies. The setting is spectacular with views of the hills to the north and south, Aussie bush to the east and pine forests to the west.

Our values of Belonging, Respect and Commitment underpin our actions. An unlived value is of no value.

Our team are committed to being professional at all times. We choose them carefully. We see in them the ability to care, to show empathy and compassion.


Click The image for Our Help Form

Please use our Asking for Help form to ask us questions for yourself or for someone you care about. One of our team will then contact you to discuss your needs.

Asking for help using our forms costs nothing.