A Team Approach Providing Excellence

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There is great importance on focus and looking deeper within. We can be perfect in accepting our imperfections.

A Team Approach Providing Excellence for Patient-focused Therapy

Engaging in therapy is not always an easy decision. It can be confronting, create anxiety and certainly requires a step into the unknown.

We know that.

What we also know is how to deal with it. We are determined to help you to see that you can succeed. We celebrate your insights and achievements and help you to identify and remove obstacles that may get in your way.

All of our therapists bring excellence and expertise. All bring a passion to deliver a program to a group yet elicits an individual response and growth.

Our therapy program is diverse and has been developed to include yoga, meditation, mindfulness to name but a few. It is suited for a range of mental health issues such Anxiety, Depression, Trauma  &  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Alcohol and Substance Issues.

Our Family & Supporter programs are available to families, friends and supporters.

If you would like further information please talk with us or use our Expression of Interest Form.