Where can I send my patient for help with their mental health?

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Stigma and discrimination are an unpleasant and unwarranted fact of life for the many individuals and families experiencing mental health issues. This increases when substance use and addictions are also present and impacting on daily life and relationships.

There is a recognised shortage of mental health services and support networks. This is felt more deeply in the rural and regional areas of Western Australia.


      located in the heart of this need.

Blackwood River Clinic is accredited and licensed to the National Safety and Quality Health Standards (NSQHS) and by the Licensing and Regulatory Unit (LARU) Health Department, Western Australia.

We offer therapy programs on a daily basis seven days a week.

As a private hospital there is a cost to attend but it is affordable and therapy costs are covered by the majority of private health insurance providers. Low cost Equity Access accommodation close to the clinic ensures that the financial weight of seeking help is kept low.

There are many international detox and rehabilitation centres. The services of these vary greatly.  They may or may not be beneficial. There is little evidence of long-lasting results. These services also come at great cost- international travel, accommodation, time away from loved ones to name a few.

As a health practitioner it can be difficult to know what services are available or there is a long waiting list.

Our service is available in Western Australia. It is available today.
We value referrals to our clinic and will liaise with you in care-planning for your patient and can provide you discharge summaries when they complete the program.

If you have questions, please read our referral Information page or we’re happy to talk with you.
If you’re ready to refer, thank you. Please download the PDF form or use our online form.   Completed PDF forms can be faxed to the number provided or emailed to dpcoordinator@abbotsfordhospital.com.au.

Our referral team will contact you shortly.

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